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 hr comparisons article

许多企业仍然无法完全意识到人力资本为他们带来的投资回报率(ROI)。然而当人们在谈论资产时,通常会将其视为成本,因为目前还没有一种统一标准化的系统能够进行评价。TEC研究分析师Sherry Fox向我们展示了如何将基本的会计理论应用到人力资本管理中,并探讨了投资人力资本将比降低成本更明智。

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TEC RFP模板为超过40个类别的软件罗列了数以千计的特性和功能。获取行业中最全面的要求/功能列表。


以成千上万的特点和功能为依据,一对一地比较各种领先的解决方案。 TEC比较报告给你比你所能发现其他任何地方都更详细的资料。


人力资源管理 (HR) 软件评估报告

This Software Evaluation Report on human resources management systems affords clients the opportunity to rapidly determine their criteria for management and employee personnel tasks. Its extensive criteria include benefits and payroll management, employee self service, data warehousing, and health and safety requirements. 


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Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software delivers cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that help businesses personalize talent acquisition, simplify payroll computations, manage time and attendance, and support proactive, strategic talent management. Founded in 1990, Ultimate Software supports thousands of customers, representing diverse industries and managing millions of employees across the world. Ultimate Software operates with a commitment to always put people first. This philosophy is the underlying fabric for Ultimate’s corporate culture, its partnership with customers, and the strategy when designing its solutions. In 2014, Ultimate Software ranked 20th on Fortune magazine’s annual list of the 100 best companies to work for in the United State—its third consecutive year on this list. In 2013, Ultimate was recognized as a leader in Nucleus Research’s HCM Technology Value Matrix 2H 2013, and awarded the highest rating by Constellation Research in its Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights certification.

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Human Capital Management

Today’s economy demands a more proactive, strategic role for the human resources (HR) department. As competition for critical resources intensifies, managers, employees, and candidates are demanding more from HR, moving beyond self-service to secure direct access to relevant information and processes whether in the office or on the road. Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) provides these capabilities, and more, helping you to manage your globally dispersed workforce, improve HR processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. Epicor HCM automates your HR processes, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all your employee data from application to retirement. Robust Recruitment Management, Benefits, and Absence tracking tools, all within this Human Resources Information System (HRIS) application, give you greater control over staffing, time off, and benefits administration, with paperless workflows designed to walk managers and employees through common setup and administration operations for improved efficiency. Powerful Performance Management, Reporting, and Analytics functionality helps you align your corporate goals with employee performance, and empowers you with flexible tools to analyze applicant and employee data for better workforce management. Available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise solution, Epicor HCM is HR software that can be deployed to meet your organizational requirements without compromising functionality or data integrity. To serve your international HR needs, this Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Web-based solution configures data fields to reflect the appropriate format based on employee location, as well as provides location-specific home pages delivering relevant communication and corporate standards. Epicor provides a robust set of flexible and configurable HR, payroll, and employee development software that does the following: offers greater total business value by streamlining the entire employee life cycle manages recruitment and resourcing, training administration, benefits programs, and performance management provides a wealth of information and advice to employees and candidates via direct access promotes operational efficiency by allowing the entire workforce to focus on key company objectives provides flexibility to deploy Epicor Payroll or connect to third-party payroll solutions delivers powerful business intelligence (BI) to enable strategic analysis of key business trends for better planning and informed decision making Epicor HCM solutions help you maximize the talent within your organization, by providing faster and more efficient people support. With customers in more than 150 countries, Epicor u

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关于PeopleTools 8炒作


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因此您已经决定需要开发一套继任规划战略为重要员工的退休或离任随时做好准备。那么现在,您如何识别和选择相关的员工进行继任规划策略开发呢?在TEC人力资本(HCM)分析师Sherry Fox近期的文章中讨论了一套成功的继任规划任务的关键四大步骤。

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许多人力资源问题,包括人才管理,人力资源共同的兴趣点(及相关软件)供应商。因此,许多设计自己的产品,来解决这些问题。 RAMCO HCM更进一步分析的组合。

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